diversity charter

diversity charter

Sign the Diversity Charter and show that your company is serious about committing to more diversity and inclusion in your company. We offer support and access to a relevant network. 180 Dutch and more than 10.000 European signatories have preceded you!  

The Diversity Charter is a declaration of intent that focuses on employers from the public and the private sector. By signing the Charter, your company commits to self-formulated goals to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

You can commit to multiple dimensions of diversity, including cultural, ethnic & religious background, gender, age, LGBTI and individuals with disabilities or chronic illness. Ultimately, it is about transcending differences in order to see and utilize the talents of each individual.

The Diversity Charter is part of a European network of Charters in 23 countries. By signing the Charter you gain access to this movement which includes more than 10.000 companies.

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The Diversity Charter supports & connects.

We support signatories in formulating their business case, goals and approach to their diversity and inclusion policies. We provide practical targeted advice for the company. We also offer support in the form of expert reports, diversity guides and videos.

We connect people, companies and social organisations. By signing the Charter you will gain access to a valuable community in which knowledge and experiences are exchanged.

To promote this, Diversity at Work organises multiple Charter events a year. At the annual National Diversity Event, signatories come together to celebrate their successes.

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You can sign the Diversity Charter at one of our signing events. The Charter includes a description of a challenge in the area of diversity and inclusion. You will then receive a multiple choice list for your diversity policy. This way you can indicate which areas your company wants to focus on and what strategy you will use to achieve this. We evaluate the policy annually on the basis of reports, in which successful and less successful practical examples are included. We draw lessons from these reports, which we subsequently share with other signatories to ensure that we keep making progress as a community.

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The Diversity Charter is in force in 21 countries of the European Union. The European Diversity Charters work independently of each other. Together they form a large network and are united in the European Platform of Diversity Charters. More than 10,000 companies and organizations in Europe have now signed a diversity charter.

The countries where a Diversity Charter is already in force are Belgium, Denmark, Estland, Estonia, Finland, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Luxemburg, The Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic and Sweden.

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In 2004, a number of employers from large companies in France set up the Diversity Charter. This charter quickly grew into a movement in which nearly 4000 companies and many social organizations are involved. Germany and other countries followed the French initiative. The Netherlands was the 15th country in Europe to have a Diversity Charter.

Research shows that diversity and inclusion in the workplace have increased considerably in companies/organizations that sign the Diversity Charter, both with regard to the inflow, the retention and the promotion of staff.

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Overview of Diversity Management; Implementation and Impact amongst Diversity Charters Signatories in The European Union (2014)

Assessing Diversity; Impact in Business (European Platform of Diversity Charters)

Dix ans de politiques de diversité: quel bilan?;  (Institut Montaigne, 2014)

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dutch signatories have preceded you

Award Diversity at work 2019

The Award Diversity at Work 2019 for the category ‘large companies’ was won by Royal Schiphol Group  for their initiative ‘Luchtvaart Inclusief’. C. Kornuyt BV won the Award Diversity at Work 2019 in the category ‘SMEs’ for their initiative ‘Het Beginstation’. The prize is a photo that reflects the diversity in their company shot by  Sacha de Boer, a well-known Dutch photographer

Award Diversity at work 2018 

The Award Diversity at Work 2018 for the category ‘large companies’ was won by Asito and Computer Futures won the Award Diverity at Work 2018 in the category ‘SMEs’. The prize is a photo that reflects the diversity in their company shot by  Sacha de Boer. See the beautiful prizes below:
The first photo represents Asito and the second photo represents Computer Futures.


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